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₹ 3,200

Cat. No: F1013662

Valentina pillar cock

₹ 2,850

Cat. No: F1013111

Valentina bath tub spout

₹ 2,650

Cat. No: F1013661

Valentina single lever sink mixer

₹ 6,400

Cat. No: F1013551

Valentina single lever wall mixer

₹ 7,590

Cat. No: F1013414

Valentina single lever extended basin mixer

₹ 7,750

Cat. No: F1013452

Valentina single lever basin mixer

₹ 5,995

Cat. No: F1013451

Valentina flush cock

₹ 3,250

Cat. No: F1013751

Valentina high flow single lever diverter

₹ 8,055

Cat. No: F1013721

Valentina 5-way single lever diverter

₹ 8,485

Cat. No: F1013711

Valentina turn type single lever diverter

₹ 7,315

Cat. No: F1013702

Valentina single lever wall mixer

₹ 9,380

Cat. No: F1013411

Valentina stop cock

₹ 2,745

Cat. No: F1013351-20 mm

Valentina stop cock

₹ 2,715

Cat. No: F1013351-15 mm

Valentina angle cock

₹ 1,950

Cat. No: F1013201

Valentina 2-way bib cock

₹ 2,950

Cat. No: F1013163

Valentina bib cock

₹ 2,800

Cat. No: F1013151

Valentina pillar cock

₹ 3,895

Cat. No: F1013101

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