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Curve single lever basin mixer

₹ 5,000

Cat. No: F1023451

Curve single lever extended basin mixer

₹ 6,100

Cat. No: F1023452

Curve wall mounted basin mixer

₹ 6,670

Cat. No: F1023474

Curve high flow single lever diverter

₹ 6,370

Cat. No: F1023721

Curve 5-way single lever diverter

₹ 6,800

Cat. No: F1023711

Curve single lever wall mixer

₹ 4,850

Cat. No: F1023414

Curve single lever sink mixer

₹ 4,200

Cat. No: F1023551

Curve pillar cock

₹ 2,125

Cat. No: F1023101

Curve pillar cock extended body

₹ 2,950

Cat. No: F1023102

Curve Wall mounted basin spout

₹ 3,595

Cat. No: F1023653

Curve wall mixer

₹ 7,050

Cat. No: F1023401

Curve Wall Mixer ( 3-in 1)

₹ 7,650

Cat. No: F1023403

Curve bib cock

₹ 2,050

Cat. No: F1023151

Curve 2-Way bib cock

₹ 2,300

Cat. No: F1023163

Curve bath tub spout

₹ 1,750

Cat. No: F1023661

Curve Bath Tub Spout (button)

₹ 2,350

Cat. No: F1023662

Curve Sink Mixer

₹ 4,800

Cat. No: F1023501

Curve Sink Cock

₹ 2,550

Cat. No: F1023251

Curve Sink Cock

₹ 3,200

Cat. No: F1023301

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Bring Elegance To Your Bathroom With India's Top Faucets

Welcome to our exquisite collection of faucets, where we present you with an elegant fusion of style, functionality, and innovation. Our passion for exceptional design, performance, and quality has led us to curate a diverse range of faucets, including sensor taps, single lever, quarter turn, half turn, and allied faucets. We understand that your choice of faucet is not just a practical necessity but a reflection of your personal style and discerning taste.


Experience the pinnacle of innovation with our sensor taps, designed to minimize contact and ensure optimal water usage while delivering the convenience of hands-free operation. For those who appreciate ergonomic design and versatility, our single-lever faucets offer a user-friendly solution to control water flow easily.


Embrace the classic elegance of our quarter-turn faucets, which deliver a smooth and precise water flow with just a gentle turn of the handle. Alternatively, choose the simplicity and functionality of our half-turn faucets, providing swift and hassle-free water flow control, ideal for modern households.


In addition to our primary faucet types, our allied faucets, including bidet sprays and health faucets, are designed to elevate your overall experience with water fixtures. These complementary pieces are crafted to harmonize with your chosen faucet style while enhancing the overall aesthetic of your space.


Our dedication to providing you with a delightful and informative shopping experience is apparent in every facet of our faucet offerings. Our love for exceptional craftsmanship is evident in every piece we present, and our commitment to your satisfaction shines through in our helpful and knowledgeable support team. 


Discover the perfect fusion of sensor taps, single lever, quarter turn, half turn, and allied faucets in our refined collection. Elevate your daily water interactions to a new level of elegance and sophistication, and make a statement with a faucet that truly reflects your unique style and requirements.

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