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Geyser connection pipe

Cat. No: F8070403

Polyamid braided hose

Cat. No: F8070402

Flexible SS hose

Cat. No: F8070401

Extension nipple

Cat. No: F8070307

Extension nipple

Cat. No: F8070306

Extension nipple

Cat. No: F8070305

Extension nipple

Cat. No: F8070304

Extension nipple

Cat. No: F8070303

Extension nipple

Cat. No: F8070302

Extension nipple

Cat. No: F8070301

Spreader for urinal

Cat. No: F8070201

Brass shower hook

Cat. No: F8070102

Hand shower holder

Cat. No: F8070101

Bottle trap

Cat. No: F8060401

Bottle trap

Cat. No: F8060301

Bottle trap

Cat. No: F8060101

Waste coupling

Cat. No: F8050501

Waste coupling

Cat. No: F8050451

Waste coupling

Cat. No: F8050351

Waste coupling

Cat. No: F8050301

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