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Single lever range

Lines and curves intermingle to create an ultramodern ambience.

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Curve single lever basin mixer

₹ 5,000

Cat. No: F1023451

Curve single lever extended basin mixer

₹ 6,100

Cat. No: F1023452

Curve wall mounted basin mixer

₹ 6,670

Cat. No: F1023474

Curve high flow single lever diverter

₹ 6,370

Cat. No: F1023721

Curve 5-way single lever diverter

₹ 6,800

Cat. No: F1023711

Curve single lever wall mixer

₹ 4,850

Cat. No: F1023414

Curve single lever sink mixer

₹ 4,200

Cat. No: F1023551

Curve pillar cock

₹ 2,125

Cat. No: F1023101

Curve pillar cock extended body

₹ 2,950

Cat. No: F1023102

Curve Wall mounted basin spout

₹ 3,595

Cat. No: F1023653

Curve wall mixer

₹ 7,050

Cat. No: F1023401

Curve Wall Mixer ( 3-in 1)

₹ 7,650

Cat. No: F1023403

Curve bib cock

₹ 2,050

Cat. No: F1023151

Curve 2-Way bib cock

₹ 2,300

Cat. No: F1023163

Curve bath tub spout

₹ 1,750

Cat. No: F1023661

Curve Bath Tub Spout (button)

₹ 2,350

Cat. No: F1023662

Curve Sink Mixer

₹ 4,800

Cat. No: F1023501

Curve Sink Cock

₹ 2,550

Cat. No: F1023251

Curve Sink Cock

₹ 3,200

Cat. No: F1023301

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