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Green Bathroom

Green Bathroom

We, at CERA stand for a greener planet. Which is why, we offer ecological hygenic solutions. Simply put, we offer products that save water and in turn, protect the planet

Green Products for a Greener Planet

With a wide range of water-saving products with futuristc eco-designs and advanced technology, we strive for a better future. We call this “an idea for a better society”. Let’s have a look on how we do this.

A range of water-efficient EWCs

In today's time, it is important to make EWCs that saves precious water. More than 90% of CERA EWCs are designed to save 35% water in each usage. This is possible due to special design of inner bowl that needs only 3.9 litres flushing water instead of regular 6 litres and yet offer effective cleaning.

Sensor urinals

Here's a smart way to a cleaner and healthier bathroom - the sensor urinals. Apart from the aesthetic design and stylish looks, these innovative products also offer 'sense presence technology', which initiates automatic flush mechanism. It flushes just 0.75 litres of water in every use, which includes pre and post use flushing.

Futuristic sensor taps

CERA offers range of sensor taps which due to automatic on-off system saves almost 70% water in every usage. What's more, your safety has always been a priority to us. And we have designed CERA's range of sensor taps with zero contact, ensures 100% safety.

Faucets with smart water-saving aerators

Taking forward the water saving concept, faucets manufactured at Cera are awarded a number of certifications such as WEP-I, GRIHA and GreenPro.

All the CERA faucets are fitted with aerator, which mixes air with water & gives splash-free gentle flow. Also we offer different water saving aerators which can save more than 50% water in every usage.

Intelligent Eco-flow showers with turbo-air technology

Crafted with style, our Eco-flow showers are products of inspiring technology. They let you indulge in the luxury of an invigorating shower while saving water as well.

With Turbo-Air technology, our Eco-flow showers reduce water usage and encourage low scale buildup. By mixing air in the flow, our showers provide an oxy-rich, full flow experience while dispensing nearly 50% lesser water than conventional showers. Our showers regulate the flow according to water pressure, giving user a uniform and soft showering experience. These showers save big on water, electricity and energy.

Magic flush with Vibe Sense

We've always believed here at Cera that innovation is never an end-goal to work towards. Rather, it's an everyday journey of raising the standards of our products to new levels. Innovation is hard work, but the result of what it leads to, is worth it every time. Our Vibe-Sense technology for EWCs is just one example of Cera building the future of bathroom experiences, one step at a time. We innovate because of you and your experience shapes our next steps. Innovation is a two-way street for us, a path we love walking with you.


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Calibre S Trap

Cat. No: S1013136


Cat. No: S1013149

Campbell P Trap

Cat. No: S1013158

Campbell S Trap 110

Cat. No: S1013157

Campbell S Trap 220

Cat. No: S1013156


Cat. No: S1013135

Chisel S Trap 220

Cat. No: S1013129

Chisel S Trap 285

Cat. No: S1013128

Calibre S Trap

Cat. No: S1020101

Calibre Deluxe Concealed

Cat. No: S1021103

Callaghan S Trap

Cat. No: S1021104


Cat. No: S1031111


Cat. No: S1031101


Cat. No: S1031104


Cat. No: S1031102


Cat. No: S4025101


Cat. No: S4020101


Cat. No: S4020107

Carat with carina seat cover

Cat. No: S1043158


Cat. No: S1043108

Campbell Mini

Cat. No: S1043137

Campbell Rimless

Cat. No: S1043136

Compact with carona seat cover

Cat. No: S1043152


Valentina pillar cock

Cat. No: F1013101

Valentina bath tub spout

Cat. No: F1013661

Crayon wall mixer

Cat. No: F2008401

Crayon pillar cock

Cat. No: F2008101

Crayon basin mixer

Cat. No: F2008461

Brooklyn pillar cock

Cat. No: F1018101

Brooklyn bib cock

Cat. No: F1018151

Brooklyn sink cock

Cat. No: F1018251

Brooklyn wall mixer

Cat. No: F1018401

Brooklyn wall mixer

Cat. No: F1018402

Brooklyn sink mixer

Cat. No: F1018501

Brooklyn bath tub spout

Cat. No: F1018661

Perla pillar cock

Cat. No: F1012101

Perla single lever basin mixer

Cat. No: F1012451

Perla bib cock

Cat. No: F1012151

Perla sink cock

Cat. No: F1012261

Perla wall mixer

Cat. No: F1012401

Perla sink mixer

Cat. No: F1012511

Perla bath tub spout

Cat. No: F1012661

Chelsea pillar cock

Cat. No: F1016101

Chelsea bib cock

Cat. No: F1016151

Chelsea sink cock

Cat. No: F1016251

Chelsea wall mixer

Cat. No: F1016401

Chelsea sink mixer

Cat. No: F1016501

Chelsea bath tub spout

Cat. No: F1016661

Ruby pillar cock

Cat. No: F1005101

Ruby single lever wall mixer

Cat. No: F1005424

Gayle pillar cock

Cat. No: F1014101

Gayle single lever wall mixer

Cat. No: F1014414

Gayle single lever basin mixer

Cat. No: F1014451

Ripple pillar cock

Cat. No: F1017101

Ripple bib cock

Cat. No: F1017151

Ripple bib cock

Cat. No: F1017152

Ripple sink cock

Cat. No: F1017251

Ripple wall mixer

Cat. No: F1017401

Ripple wall mixer

Cat. No: F1017402

Ripple sink mixer

Cat. No: F1017501

Ripple single lever sink mixer

Cat. No: F1017551

Ripple bath tub spout

Cat. No: F1017661

Garnet pillar cock

Cat. No: F2002101

Garnet bib cock

Cat. No: F2002152

Fountain pillar cock

Cat. No: F2013101

Fountain bib cock

Cat. No: F2013151

Fountain sink cock

Cat. No: F2013251

Fountain wall mixer

Cat. No: F2013401

Fountain basin mixer

Cat. No: F2013461

Fountain sink mixer

Cat. No: F2013501

Fountain bath tub spout

Cat. No: F2013661