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₹ 2,930

500 x 400 mm
Cat. No: S3030102


₹ 2,740

580 x 440 mm
Cat. No: S3020105


₹ 2,170

510 x 400 mm
Cat. No: S3010105


₹ 1,870

510 x 400 mm
Cat. No: S3010103


₹ 2,380

580 x 440 mm
Cat. No: S3010102


₹ 2,190

580 x 440 mm
Cat. No: S3010109


₹ 2,630

580 x 440 mm
Cat. No: S3010106


₹ 2,710

580 x 440 mm
Cat. No: S3010108


₹ 2,220

530 x 425 mm
Cat. No: S3010101

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Lead the Way in Hygiene and Comfort with Cera's Toilet Squatting Pans

Cera has been a leading squatting pan toilet manufacturer since 1980. We have earned a reputation in the sanitaryware industry. Over the years, Cera has evolved and adapted to changing market dynamics. We have consistently stayed ahead & set new standards of excellence in the industry for toilet squatting pans.


Each toilet squatting pan is meticulously crafted using the finest materials. Every detail of the Anglo-Indian Commode of Cera is unique and different, from the sleek lines to the smooth surfaces. 


With a variety of finishes and ergonomic features to choose from, you can customise the sanitation experience to complement your space perfectly.


Whether you want a squatting pan toilet for your residential bathroom, a commercial restroom, or a public facility, Cera toilet seat Indian can perfectly blend in with any space. We assure you that our squatting pan toilet can enhance the aesthetic appeal while ensuring optimal functionality. 


From eco-friendly materials to smart features, Cera Indian toilet seats strive to push the boundaries of excellence in sanitation. For Cera, customer satisfaction is paramount. Our experts are committed to offering exceptional service and support. 


Cera's toilet squatting pan has generous space, ensuring consolation and comfort. Our solutions are meticulously designed to be splash-proof and odour-resistant. It effectively prevents any splashes or odours for a hygienic experience. Our squatting toilet is engineered with efficient water float mechanisms. It facilitates the elimination of dirt. We have thoughtfully designed our squatting pan toilet for both the aged and children.

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