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Efficient and robust. Functional and edgy. Crafted to conserve water.

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₹ 1,800

Cat. No: B1020108


₹ 1,650

Cat. No: B1010113

Compass (Top Flush)

₹ 1,590

Cat. No: B1010111

Congo (Side Inlet)

₹ 1,490

Cat. No: B1010112

Conventional twin flush

₹ 2,870

Cat. No: S1061106


₹ 3,020

Cat. No: S1060105


₹ 1,390

Cat. No: B1010110


₹ 1,540

Cat. No: B1010108


₹ 1,490

Cat. No: B1010109


₹ 1,950

Cat. No: B1020106


₹ 5,490

Cat. No: B1010105

Actuator knob for Chevron cistern

₹ 1,760

Cat. No: B1120105

Actuator knob for Chevron cistern

₹ 1,760

Cat. No: B1120104

Actuator knob for Chevron cistern

₹ 1,760

Cat. No: B1120102

Actuator knob for Chevron cistern

₹ 1,760

Cat. No: B1120101

Half frame for Chevron cistern

₹ 2,640

Cat. No: B1130102

Full frame for Chevron cistern

₹ 4,540

Cat. No: B1130101


₹ 5,400

500 x 90 x 460 mm
Cat. No: B1110101

Chevron with half frame

₹ 9,100

500 x 90 x 460 mm
Cat. No: B1110112

Chevron with full frame

₹ 11,840

500 x 90 x 460 mm
Cat. No: B1110111

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Stylish and Functional Cisterns: Flush Tanks for Bathroom

When it comes to sanitaryware, CERA takes pride in offering elegant and functional sanitaryware, like our exclusive range of cisterns. Whether you want a toilet flush tank or a concealed cistern for your bathroom, CERA has got you covered. Our commode flush tanks have been engineered to provide a seamless and sophisticated experience while keeping water usage in check.


CERA’s flush tanks are more than just sanitaryware for your bathroom, they are a blend of style and technology. With CERA's flush cistern, you get a powerful and efficient flush every time while saving water. Our flush tank designs are sleek and environmentally conscious to help you contribute towards water conservation efforts.


Quality is at the core of everything we do at CERA. Our bathroom flush commodes or concealed cisterns undergo rigorous quality checks and measures. We keep your satisfaction our top priority, that’s why when you choose a CERA, you're choosing a product that not just complements your bathroom but is also built to last.


No matter what kind of toilet flush tank you are looking for, CERA has got you covered. Our extensive catalog of cisterns features a variety of styles and designs to suit your unique bathroom preferences. Whether you are looking for ceramic flush tanks or concealed flush tanks, we have options that will leave you spoilt for choice.


Concealed Flush Tanks for a Clean Look

For those who appreciate a clean and minimal design, our concealed flush tanks are the ideal choice. These concealed tanks ensure that your bathroom maintains its minimal aesthetics without compromising on functionality. Say goodbye to visible flush tanks and hello to a clutter-free bathroom space.


CERA’s range of flush tanks and concealed cisterns are available at very attractive prices, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. We are committed to our customers to offer luxury and quality without burning a hole in their pockets.


Elevate your bathroom experience with stylish and efficient toilet cisterns by CERA that are designed to last long. Upgrade to CERA today and discover the perfect fusion of style and function.

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