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₹ 9,750

Cat. No: S4020116


₹ 8,600

310 x 300 x 555 mm
Cat. No: S4020114

Electronic flushing system

₹ 8,930

Cat. No: B2050108

Electronic flushing system

₹ 8,500

Cat. No: B2050110

Key valve

₹ 9,400

Cat. No: B2050107

Key valve set

₹ 14,100

Cat. No: B2050106

Carys waterless urinal

₹ 16,890

325 x 310 x 420 mm
Cat. No: S4020104W

Capriana waterless urinal

₹ 20,590

375 x 390 x 590 mm
Cat. No: S4020112W


₹ 2,750

90 x 320 x 720 mm
Cat. No: S4090101


₹ 2,500

470 x 360 x 100 mm
Cat. No: S4040101


₹ 2,020

340 x 280 x 470 mm
Cat. No: S4020103


₹ 2,040

315 x 265 x 440 mm
Cat. No: S4020101


₹ 2,790

325 x 310 x 420 mm
Cat. No: S4020104


₹ 6,490

375 x 390 x 590 mm
Cat. No: S4020112


₹ 9,990

350 x 340 x 615 mm
Cat. No: S4020113


₹ 11,500

365 x 335 x 670 mm
Cat. No: S4020107

Cicily Lidless Urinal

₹ 17,600

320 x 300 x 525 mm
Cat. No: S4010102

Calcia EFS

₹ 20,990

360 x 330 x 740 mm
Cat. No: S4010101


₹ 18,990

330 x 310 x 540 mm
Cat. No: S4025101

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Elevate Your Restroom Hygiene and Style with India's Best Urinal Range

Welcome to Cera- Your ultimate destination for a comprehensive restroom experience. We're excited to present our urinal toilet solutions that represent a leap forward in restroom innovation.


Our sanitaryware collection is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing innovative solutions for modern restrooms. Cera recognizes the unique character of each toilet and ensures our sanitary hardware blends effortlessly with the right appeal and dimensions. We also know the importance of the biggest concern- Water conservation. So, we have implemented technologies that save/ conserve water.


Our (wall urinal toilets, bowl-type urinal toilets, men's urinals, etc.) are engineered for any condition. We have designed our sanitaryware, keeping ease of installation in mind. This is the reason why we are a convenient choice for interior designers, architects, and homeowners. 


Sensor Urinals: our Recent Innovation


Cera Sensor urinals are a special type of urinal with a smart sensor that knows when you step in and out. This sensor makes the urinal flush independently, which is great for public restrooms and offices. These urinals are strong and have a unique design that cleans well. They save water and are eco-friendly as part of our green innovation products.


Using a sensor urinal means you don't have to touch anything to make it flush. It thoroughly cleans itself. Hence, you need not stress about touching dirty surfaces. This makes sensor urinals last longer and keeps things really clean and hygienic.


Discover the convenience and excellence of CERA urinals today!

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