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Design That Flows: Discover India's Best Faucets & Showers

Welcome to the Faucets and Showers category page of CERA. We understand the importance of having luxurious and efficient bathroom fixtures, so we bring you a wide range of faucets and showers that combine style, durability, and functionality.


Our collection includes a variety of bathroom showers, from rain showers to hand showers and shower panels to shower sets, all designed to enhance your showering experience. Whether you prefer a refreshing rain shower or a therapeutic massage shower, we have you covered. Our bathroom shower sets provide deep relaxation to tired muscles and sore spots. They come in different designs and finish to match your bathroom decor.


For those looking for hand showers for bathrooms, we offer a range of options, including multi-function hand showers, massage hand showers, and eco-friendly hand showers that help conserve water while providing a satisfying shower experience.


We also offer a range of wash basin taps designed to complement our collection of faucets and showers. Our taps come in different styles and finishes, including chrome, brass, and matte black, to suit any bathroom decor.


At CERA, we understand that quality comes at a price. That's why we offer competitive shower prices without compromising on quality. Our faucets and showers are made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. Upgrade your bathroom with CERA's luxurious faucets and showers.

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