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Exploring Smart Toilets: Innovative Features for Modern Bathrooms
  • Sanitaryware
  • September 20, 2023

Toilet Innovations: Smart Toilets and Their Features

In an age where technology seamlessly intertwines with our daily lives, it's no wonder that even the most fundamental fixtures within our homes are undergoing a high-tech transformation.

Welcome to the realm of "smart toilets," where innovation meets necessity in the most personal of spaces. But what exactly defines a smart toilet, and how does it function? From sensors to self-cleaning capabilities, these ingenious toilet designs epitomize the convergence of convenience, hygiene, and cutting-edge technology— essentially altering our approach to one of life's most fundamental elements: the bathroom commode. 

Join us as we explore the future of toilet design through EWCs that employ innovative technology and are curated to match the refined aesthetics of modern living.


What are EWCs?

Designed for long-lasting comfort and hygiene, EWCs or European Water Closets refer to a type of Western toilet design commonly used in European countries. These contemporary commodes are characterized by their unique flush system, design, and the presence of a cistern or tank


Redefining Cleanliness

The top priority in toilet design has always been hygiene, and smart toilets are leading the way in addressing this. With our new range of toilet designs, you’ll be receiving nothing but top-notch technology designed to make your bathroom space modern and remarkably clean.

Some of our toilet design models are equipped with a full human sensor, automatically initiating the opening and closing of the western-type toilet seat design and cover as someone approaches. Furthermore, certain modern toilet design models introduce a foot kick feature tailored for male users — granting hands-free access to the seat without physical contact; others incorporate an auto-close cover and seat mechanism, seamlessly sealing the bathroom commode after the user exits the bathroom. These innovative bathroom commode designs reduce the need for users to touch the toilet, significantly mitigating the potential spread of germs and bacteria.

It is worth mentioning that these are also the best water-saving toilets on the market, with efficient flush mechanisms that ensure you’re not using more water than absolutely required.


With One-of-a-Kind Nano-Glaze Technology

Nano-glaze technology represents a cutting-edge antibacterial solution for our range of smart toilets. By sealing the microscopic pores on the ceramic surface, nano-glaze ensures that dirt and grime have no place to settle.

In simpler terms, this essentially means that the nano-glaze creates a water-repellent, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant ceramic surface, guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness in your new and improved western style commodes.


Elevating Bathroom Standards

The rimless commode toilet design for our range employs a direct flush technique that directs water around the pan's smooth edges instead of using the conventional rim flow. The absence of flushing rims eliminates the potential accumulation of dirt and germs, offering a significantly more hygienic solution compared to traditional toilet bathroom designs.  

Our modern toilets are designed to meticulously optimize the distribution of flushing water, ensuring superior cleaning.


Tailored to Your Preferences

Going to the bathroom during cold winter months can be a rather unpleasant experience. This is why

Our EWCs have been engineered to offer optimal comfort, especially during those frigid winter months, ensuring a warm and cosy experience. With the ability to fine-tune the air temperature used for drying, many of our toilet design models also include heated water functions with adjustable temperature settings as well as heated seats—so you can effortlessly maintain your desired level of comfort throughout the entire process.


Style Meets Functionality

Intriguingly, our toilet design models do not merely excel in functionality but also make a style statement. With a spectrum of available colours, some of our models introduce a splash of vibrancy and colour to your bathroom. Furthermore, if you’re looking for more western bathroom renovation ideas, our new style commodes sport a unique matte finish on the outside and a glossy finish on the inside that enhances hygiene as well as aesthetic levels.

This combination of form and function ensures that your bathroom remains both visually appealing and functionally efficient.

When it comes to modern toilet design, look no further than our collection of EWCs that aim to make your bathroom experience more comfortable, hygienic, and visually pleasing. With our commode installations, bid farewell to traditional commodes— for the era of smart toilets has arrived, transforming our daily rituals in ways we could have never imagined.