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Things to Know Before Selecting the Right Type of Commode
  • Sanitaryware
  • March 10, 2022

Things to Know Before Selecting the Right Type of Commode

An average person visits the toilet approximately 2,500 times a year, and selecting a comfortable commode is essential. It's an investment for the long haul, and you don't want to settle with a sloppy commode as it is unquestionably an integral part of daily routine. The excellent toilet commode conserves water and generates to clean the bowl in a single flush, while the wrong kinds can use more than 6 liters of water.

While choosing from a wide variety of different types of toilet seats in the market, there are a few things you need to consider before settling on what you want.

1.   Types of installation and evacuation

The different types of commode installation are split into two categories: floor mounted and wall hung. Wall-mounted commodes are hung on the wall, take less space, and it has a very pleasing look because the water tank is hidden behind the wall. In comparison, Floor-mounted commodes are placed on the floor. These include one-piece, two-piece commodes.  This will also depend on the plumbing that exists.

2.   Flush Technique

Conserving water using advanced technology is the need of the hour, and it starts from your toilet flush. Nowadays, dual-flush types of commodes are available widely in the market. They typically come with two flush buttons. One flush uses three litres of water, and the other uses six litres. Another popular kind is Pressure assisted toilet flush which either uses water-line pressure or has a fit-in device used to create an additional force from air pressure to flush the toilet.

3.   Commode Placement

It's a no-brainer to decide the placement of the commode, but people generally neglect this point and regret it later. Ideally, a toilet seat should be installed at least 15-18 inches away from showers and vanities. However, if you've got a compact space to work with, the ideal western wall-hung toilet commode with the tank installed in the wall would be suitable for you.

4.  Bowl Type

Western types of commode bowls generally come in different shapes: rectangle, square, oval, and round-shaped. Most people prefer a round seat style because of the ease of use compared to a rectangle one. However, what you get with a round bowl type is better for space utilization.

Are you planning to remodel your toilet? Keep these pointers in mind to get a toilet seat that truly fits their needs and style. Check out CERA's wide range of the best different types of toilet seats.