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Wall mounted basin spout

₹ 4,095

Cat. No: F1003653

Titanium single lever wall mixer

₹ 6,750

Cat. No: F1003414

Titanium flush cock

₹ 3,135

Cat. No: F1003751

Titanium high flow single lever diverter

₹ 6,810

Cat. No: F1003721

Titanium 5-way single lever diverter

₹ 7,240

Cat. No: F1003711

Titanium turn type single lever diverter

₹ 6,130

Cat. No: F1003703

Titanium single lever diverter

₹ 5,865

Cat. No: F1003701

Titanium single lever bidet mixer

₹ 6,265

Cat. No: F1003631

Titanium single lever sink mixer

₹ 6,815

Cat. No: F1003531

Titanium sink mixer

₹ 4,990

Cat. No: F1003511

Titanium sink mixer

₹ 4,685

Cat. No: F1003501

Titanium basin mixer

₹ 5,240

Cat. No: F1003461

Titanium single lever basin mixer

₹ 5,240

Cat. No: F1003451

Titanium single lever wall mixer

₹ 5,745

Cat. No: F1003415

Titanium wall mixer

₹ 6,490

Cat. No: F1003404

Titanium wall mixer

₹ 7,500

Cat. No: F1003403

Titanium wall mixer

₹ 7,400

Cat. No: F1003402

Titanium wall mixer

₹ 7,100

Cat. No: F1003401

Titanium stop cock

₹ 2,165

Cat. No: F1003351-20 mm

Titanium stop cock

₹ 2,135

Cat. No: F1003351-15 mm

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