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Wash Basins for Dining Room: Latest Trends, Designs, and Features
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  • March 10, 2022

Wash Basins for Dining Room: Latest Trends, Designs, and Features

dining room is usually adjacent to the kitchen in modern homes. Besides dining it is also a place where memories are made, and great conversations occur. With all that, people need some extra convenience and that can be well fulfilled by installing a wash basin near the dining hall.

What are some latest wash basin designs for dining rooms available in the market?

You will find countless wash basin designs for halls in the market; however, choosing the right one is tricky as it should fulfil your requirements and have that aesthetic appeal that entices your guests' attention. In fact, the wash basin design should be the focal point for a dining room area, and the whole room should be built off that.

Below, we enlist four types of Wash Basin Designs for the modern dining room that can add more charm and grace to your space and create an imperial and magnificent look.

1) Table Top Wash Basins Designs: Self-rimmed and drop-ins Table top wash basins available in various shapes and designs with an excellent aesthetic appeal that never goes wrong on the decorative front; they are highly functional and can sit in compact spaces.

2) Wall Hung Wash Basins Designs: If you love the concept of minimalism, you will love Wall hung wash basin designs as they do not require any counter to rest upon, thereby making your dining room look a bit more extensive. Also, it doesn't have any cabinets below it, which saves space and leaves a more visible floor area.

3) Semi-recessed cabinet wash basins Designs: If you prefer a more classic look, you could go for the Semi-Recessed cabinet wash basin design, featuring more traditional styling with angled edges and decorative grooves. You may adorn it with brass fixtures. The drop-in sinks are equipped with a wide rim, making them easy for maintenance and installation.

4) Counter Wash Basin Designs: These  various designs available in counter wash basins are fashionable, and modernistic as they accentuate the aesthetic appeal of every style of furniture. They come in a bowl shape, and make the look of the basin area seamless giving your dining hall a sophisticated look.

Planning to install or replace the wash basin in your dining room? If not, then check out CERA's eclectic range of wash basin designs for the dining room.