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Wall-mounted closets ideal for modern bath spaces
  • Sanitaryware
  • March 10, 2022

Wall-mounted closets ideal for modern bath spaces

A wall mounted commode is unquestionably an integral part of our daily routine, which is an underrated contraption. However, it is very necessary that it suits functionally the needs of the user. Since an average person visits the toilet approximately 2,500 times a year; therefore, it is crucial to pick this fitting wisely.

However, one needs to choose between a wall-mounted or floor-mounted water closet at the initial stage of bathroom design so that the plumbing layout can be planned and laid accordingly.

If you want a high-end, modern look for your bathroom, we strongly recommend going for a wall mounted closet. The beauty lies in the floating effect created by the wall mounted commode. In fact, not only it streamlines the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom, it also emphasizes efficiency. Thus, sanitaryware is a category where innovation is constant in terms of minimalistic designs, and simplistic color combinations.

In this article, you will learn some unmatchable features of a wall mounted commode; which will convince you to install it in your next bathroom overhaul.

Takes minimum space

Being attached to the wall, a wall mounted commode takes less space, leaving the floor space clear. As a result, wall hung western commode is suitable for a compact yet modern bathroom, as it sends out a feeling of spaciousness.

Saving Water

Inspired by our philosophy of saving water, the wall mounted commode is no exception and most of the models are designed to save water. Wall hung EWCs are crafted with progressive hydraulic designs that save upto thirty-nine percent water; compared to their older counterparts. Therefore, it not only saves water, but also saves on water bills.


Wall mounted commodes are taking hygiene to another level as they do not have complicated mechanics but rather an easy-to-use and ergonomic design. In fact, the technology used at CERA provides the simplest solutions in a minimalistic manner. The simple, sleek design of this commode will blend in perfectly with your other sanitaryware products for small, big, or modern bathrooms.

Shape of the bowl

The wall mounted commodes are available with an elongated, square, round, U-shaped and d-shaped bowl in shades of white or ivory. So, depending on the size and theme of your bathroom, you can opt for a suitable commode shape.

All in all, you may buy wall hung toilets from the designer bathroom collection from CERA, as this will accentuate your personality and let you create a unique space defined by unparalleled comfort & opulence.