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Trends to watch out for when installing Wall Tiles for your Living Space
  • Tiles
  • May 23, 2021

Trends to watch out for when installing Wall Tiles for your Living Space

With mankind evolving from caves to bricks and mortar, home décor, too, has seen a paradigm shift from wall paintings in the caverns to intricate abstract wall patterns. The advent of the 21st century has given way to a modern outlook and an effervescence of variant ideas in interior designing that reflects the tastes and personalities of the people living in that place. The walls are the perfect canvas where one can make a statement that can alleviate the entire living space.

Installing wall tiles can amplify the appearance of your home and accentuate its character. Wall tiles can also enhance the appearance of outdoor space, making it a sure shot way to give your home a makeover and life to your walls.

No matter what your personal taste is, there is a perfect wall tile available for everyone. With a plethora of authentic colours, textures, finishes, and sizes, you can match any tone and get any look you wish to achieve. There are numerous tiles that can replicate marble, stone, and glass to give your living space a personal touch or a rustic feel.

If you are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options that have flooded the market, we recommend some classic trends that render an everlasting aesthetic value. Some of the top trends that you must consider when installing wall tiles for your rooms and other living spaces are listed below.

Top 5 Everlasting Trends in Wall Tiles

1) Marble-finish Tiles: Marble’s is an appearance that is always fashionable and classy. However, actual marble finishes can be a costly option. Marble-style tiles can pose as the next best thing with a minimalist look and elegance of marble at a lower price point.

2) Wood-finish Tiles: Wooden Planks tiles are the new fad for people who are looking for a “cabin in the woods” feel. Wooden textured tiles can give your room an earthy, close to nature vibe- an everlasting trend.

 3) Cement-finish Tiles: If you want to give your home an avant-garde transformation, cement-finish tiles offer a contemporary, modern appearance. They offer a cityscape with its shades of grey coupled with mood lighting to give you an arty feel.

 4) Rustic Tiles: Rustic tiles give a new lease of color and life to a bathroom or a kitchen space. The varied patterns and design give these utility spaces an appearance that stands out and adds character to that area.

 5) Smooth-solid Designs: A smooth solid finish bestows an aristocratic, refined look with its symmetry. Solid wall tiles are easy on the eyes, and when placed in contrasting colours, they can offer a minimalistic design that stands out in the décor.

There are endless possibilities with wall tiles that can help you achieve your desired vision for your home décor. There are plenty of options available in wall tiles for rooms that use trendy colours, unique textures, and dazzling design patterns to create stunning accents and add a characteristic statement.