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Trends for picking the perfect floor tile for your home
  • Tiles
  • March 10, 2022

Trends for picking the perfect floor tile for your home

Seasons change, tastes evolve, but certain flooring design themes return again and again — or never go out of vogue. The same story follows when we talk about floor tiles for every room of your house. Over the last few decades, floor tiles designs have taken off, beautifully replicating the spectacular marble, natural wood looks and expanding its horizons with creative shapes, looks, and patterns in the world of flooring.

Tiles have been a staple within modern homes’ interior for decades, and despite the evolution of various formats and finishes, the traditional design patterns still turn heads time after time – from the classic Azure White floor tiles to artisan glazed tiles. Below, we share eye-popping floor tiles trends of the current year to bring flare in every corner of your house every single time, including suggestions for how to get each look.

1.     Floor Tiles for Living Room

Large size GVT tiles for the living room immerse into wellness design. Besides that, vitrified is a material that has been used and tested through time to add warmth, interest, and a sense of craftsmanship to a room. It accentuates the character of your living room's interior. Also, you can jazz it up with your favorite photographs on the wall and a rug on the floor.

2.     Floor Tiles for bathroom

Bringing the rejuvenating spa center at your home is the perfect trend for this year to calm your nerves from the hustle-bustle of the outside world. The soothing blues and greens are meant to be relaxing and create a space that brings sophistication and elegance to your bathroom. The uncomplicated tones will be muted to create a spa-like feel, and you can buy these bathroom floor tiles online for many refreshing bathing experiences.

3.     Floor Tiles for Kitchen

This year has all been about getting back to basics and enjoying life’s simple things, particularly celebrating traditional styles. This will be reflected in kitchen floor tiles that appear to be ‘consciously handmade’ such as traditional glazed patterns with rough-edged profiles.

We also expect to see a stronger paradigm shift to zonal kitchen designs, as consumers seek to create clearly defined working and social spaces, thereby meeting the work-life balance.

4.     Floor Tiles for Bedroom

It’s hard to go wrong with wood-look tiles for bedrooms. The trending texture and patterns in both solid hardwood and wood lookalikes include wood surfaces. These designs have natural variations, creating vibrant, unique surfaces — full of character.

Whether you're planning a complete overhaul or constructing a new house, these floor tiles designs are the ones you can't miss. You may find more about bathroom floor tiles' prices and designs available on CERA's Tiles dealers.