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Trends to help you Choose the Right Tile Design for your Bathroom
  • Tiles
  • May 23, 2021

Trends to help you Choose the Right Tile Design for your Bathroom

Tiles for bathroom design previously served a strictly utilitarian purpose of protecting your walls from moisture and other water damage. There was very little focus on aesthetics and cosmetic appeal. However, as times have changed, bathroom tiles, mirrors, and cabinets have transcended their functional capabilities but have become a statement based on their design, shape, colour, and texture. So whether you want to give your bathroom a spa-like appeal or you prefer something more dramatic for your powder room to amp-up your bath space, you can explore some of the following trends that go well with your personality. After all, the bathroom is a room too.

Graphic Tile Designs

You can choose bold, contrasting colours and graphic patterns that bring out your flamboyant personality or go for intricate patterns in subtle hues that reflect the thinker in you. Graphic designs for bathroom wall and floor tiles have garnered a lot of popularity in recent times.

Glossy is so Yesterday; Matte is Here to Stay

The acceptance of matte look in bathroom tiles is gaining better acceptance day on day. Their softer appearance and varied textures can bring out an understated elegance. They can also prove to be highly functional and easy to maintain as they do not show water smudges as apparently as their glossier counterpart.

Whites and Neutrals are Evergreen

For a more sophisticated, contemporary taste, neutral colours are the safest choice. Research shows that bright colours in bathrooms are not commonplace, and people get bored with them quickly. Nude neutrals such as grey and creams are seen to be a more preferred selection for bathroom wall tiles and floor tile designs. Since the primary purpose of a bathroom is to help you relax, these colours reinforce this atmosphere.

Wooden Bathroom Tiles

While marbles have always had a special place in the interior and bathroom décor, wooden interiors are becoming increasingly popular. One may wonder if wood for bathroom is feasible as moisture quickly destroys a wooden surface; therefore, realistic wood-grained tiles are gaining massive momentum. Wooden tiles are available in different shades of wood for a stunning luxurious feel.

Textured and Metallic Finishes

Textures in bathroom tile designs help add variation, colour depth, and surface interest for a subtle or pronounced effect. These textures can add a distinctive look and inspire endless combinations. Meanwhile, textured bathroom tile designs have been around for some time; metallic tiles are the new up and coming trend for bathrooms. These shiny and reflective tile variations help your bathroom get an edgy makeover.

As tiles are getting larger and larger, patrons are getting a bigger canvas to experiment with their bathroom interiors, be it bathroom mirrors, cabinets, shower cubicles, etc. However, a minimalistic, modern bathroom warrants sleek, clean lines that bring out a comforting environment. While choosing tile designs for bathroom floors and walls can be exhausting, one should always choose something that resonates with one’s personality.

Look a Like – Natural Marble Design

Natural elements always adds to aesthetics to any part of home, including the bathroom. The work of marble in form of tiles is back in style. Marble is timeless and particularly trendy in bathrooms. You can think of tiles inspired by natural marble but one that even exceeds the expectations of its muse. In all its royalty and grandeur, it offers functionality like none other.