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Three kitchen sink designs to make a profound style statement
  • Kitchen Sink
  • March 10, 2022

Three kitchen sink designs to make a profound style statement

Back in the day, kitchens were the mere place to prepare meals and wash dishes. But the times have changed tremendously now. Modern kitchens have become a place where conversations happen because this is the place family comes together. So, why would you not replace your outdated kitchen sink design with a modern one?

After every delicious family dinner, cocktail party, and festive family gathering, one thing is guaranteed to happen: the dreaded pain of washing the dirty dishes. Moreover, we highly recommend modern homeowners opt for stainless steel sinks as they are durable, low-maintenance and impervious to chipping & cracking.

Below, we share jaw-dropping kitchen sink design ideas to bring flare in the primary area of your kitchen every single time:

1)    Handmade Sinks:

Meticulously designed & crafted by hand while keeping hygiene and durability in mind, this kitchen sinks design have a unique satin finish. Here, you will get a unique outlet water seal to prevent insects & odour and ensuring complete drainage at the same time. In terms of visual appeal, the undermount installation and 304-grade stainless steel accentuate the aesthetics of the kitchen. Also, the sink is equipped with anti-condensation coating for durability and large rubber pads on all sides for minimal noise.

2)    Pearl Finish Sinks:

Pearl Finish Sinks are robust, durable, and easy-to-clean kitchen sink designs that can smoothly drain out every drop of water. These sinks possess an anti-condensation coating as they are made of 304-grade stainless steel for durability. To maintain a free flow of water, round shape choke stopper also comes along with this sink.

3)    Satin Finish Sinks:

The brushed texture can accumulate moisture within the grooves; hence, it can limit the ability of fluid to bead on the material surface. For this reason, a polished satin finish is an ideal choice for your modern kitchen sink. Moreover, this is a truly versatile kitchen sink design, made of 304-grade stainless steel, that can blend in with most environments of varying aesthetics.

Whether you're planning a complete overhaul of your kitchen or constructing a new one, these kitchen sink design ideas will make you stand out from the crowd. You can find more about kitchen sink designs with prices on CERA's online store.