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Showers: Latest designs, trends & features, in overhead and hand showers
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  • May 22, 2021

Showers: Latest designs, trends & features, in overhead and hand showers

A refreshing bath is a blessing to start your everyday routine. Indulging in a rejuvenating bath while standing beneath a warm shower transforms your morning into an extraordinary experience and sets the perfect tone for your rest of the day.

Besides being a great start, showers are also the perfect antidote to end a hectic day at the same time. Not only does it revive your tired soul, but it also breathes a fresh lease of life into your heavy-duty day.

Choosing the right shower that can turn your bathroom into a peaceful oasis and helps you charge up can be a little tricky. Here is a sneak peek into the latest bath shower mixer taps available in the market to upgrade your bath spaces:

Waterfall shower: These showers bring incredible style to the bathroom. The reviving splash of water gives you the feeling of drenching in a waterfall and makes you feel one with nature.

Rain shower: These showers are designed to replicate natural rainfall and provide a trickling experience that energizes your soul and calms your mind. Rain showers are available in thin and sleek designs with an ultra-modern look to embellish your bath spaces.

Hand shower: These showers offer improved comfort and flexibility over traditional overhead showers. Since the showerhead is movable, it allows thorough cleaning and is best suited for kids and the elderly.

Self-cleaning shower: Equipped with innovative technology, this shower keeps itself squeaky clean by cleaning each pore after every use and prevents limescale build-up to give you a refreshing bath every time.

Multi flow shower: These showers offer you varied flow modes to suit your different moods. Whether you are anxious, tired or grumpy, there is a mode to lift your mood. Power spray or delight, sprinkle or spa, each mode gives you an enchanting experience.

While deciding on the shower taps for your bathroom, it is essential to consider the bathroom layout and the plumbing system for easy installation. The budget allocated also plays a crucial role as various premium designs are available with a distinctive price range.

A Shower can be much more than just a leisurely pleasure or a daily cleansing ritual. The right shower can upgrade your bathroom aesthetics and ensure a refreshing escape that will rejuvenate your soul. Check out the exciting range of stylish CERA showers online from the comfort of your home today.