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Buy CERA Wall hung Wash Basins with Half Pedestal

Wall hung wash basins with half pedestal

Modern designs that reflect unique charm.

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₹ 4,290

Cat. No: S2040176H


₹ 3,490

Cat. No: S2040173H


₹ 3,300

Cat. No: S2040174H

Canberra L

₹ 3,630

550x410x150 mm
Cat. No: S2040165


₹ 3,840

515 x 430 x 110 mm
Cat. No: S2040170H

Calibre with Clio Half Pedestal

₹ 4,630

580 x 430 x 200 mm
Cat. No: S2040109 with Clio


₹ 3,140

450 x 320 x 130 mm
Cat. No: S2040158


₹ 3,430

480 x 360 x 130 mm
Cat. No: S2040155

Counsel with Clea Half Pedestal

₹ 3,390

510 x 400 x 225 mm
Cat. No: S2040101 with Clea

Counsel with clio half pedestal

₹ 3,530

510 x 400 x 225 mm
Cat. No: S2040101 with Clio

Cornet with Clea Half Pedestal

₹ 3,690

550 x 400 x 225 mm
Cat. No: S2040103 with Clea

Cornet with Clio Half Pedestal

₹ 3,830

550 x 400 x 225 mm
Cat. No: S2040103 with Clio

Clair with Clea Half Pedestal

₹ 3,790

550 x 400 x 200 mm
Cat. No: S2040157 with CLEA

Clair with Clio Half Pedestal

₹ 3,930

550 x 400 x 200 mm
Cat. No: S2040157 with CLIO

Calibre with Clea Half Pedestal

₹ 4,490

580 x 430 x 200 mm
Cat. No: S2040109 with Clea


₹ 4,640

Cat. No: S2040139


₹ 4,570

500 x 400 x 185 mm
Cat. No: S2040148

Cornet with Clea Half Pedestal

₹ 4,700

630 x 450 x 290 mm
Cat. No: S2040104 with Clea

Cornet with Clio Half Pedestal

₹ 4,840

630 x 450 x 290 mm
Cat. No: S2040104 with Clio


₹ 5,780

510 x 410 x 160 mm
Cat. No: S2040136

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Transform your Space with Cera's Half Pedestal Basins

Innovation is at the coronary heart of Cera's ethos. We constantly thrive to present a top-class selection of half pedestal wash basins crafted using trendy production tactics. Through rigorous idea exploration, procedure refinement, evaluation, and vast trying out, we continually supply half pedestal basins that redefine industry standards.


Cera prides itself in crafting washroom fixtures such as half pedestal wash basins with an unwavering dedication to excellence. We focus on delivering high-quality half pedestal basins with meticulous details, ensuring that we surpass our customers' expectations. We ensure the implementation of cutting-edge production techniques to craft half pedestal basins. We prioritize reliable order processing, prompt delivery, and comprehensive after-sales assistance, guaranteeing a seamless experience for our clients. 


Our bespoke solutions of half pedestal basins strike the perfect balance between comfort and capability, resulting in durable, dependable, and user-friendly products. At Cera, the layout of the hung wash basin with half pedestal isn't pretty much restricted to aesthetics—it is about improving the individual's experience. Our half pedestal wash basins are a seamless combination of beauty and functionality, remodelling the washroom or other areas into high-priced and tranquil spaces. We pride ourselves in crafting sophisticated basins and half pedestals that replicate artistry and expertise.


Each Cera half pedestal wash basin is thoughtfully crafted to complement modern interiors. Our wall-hung wash basin with half pedestals is a fusion of functionality, elegant simplicity, and fascinating options. It will give a serene and inviting atmosphere.


Functionality is paramount in each Cera half pedestal wash basin. Our basin and half pedestal are meticulously designed to serve the supposed motive while offering extra capabilities to satisfy customers. Cera prioritizes user comfort with ergonomic designs and meticulous attention to detail. Features that include slip-resistant surfaces and rounded edges are integrated into our wall-hung wash basin with a half pedestal to prevent inconvenience and ensure users' advanced, joyful experience.

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