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Modern washbasin designs to elevate the look of your dining room
  • Sanitaryware
  • May 22, 2021

Modern washbasin designs to elevate the look of your dining room

Every dining ritual is preceded by washing hands, and therefore an elegant & functional washbasin is a must-have for any dining area. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a sophisticated washbasin can amp up the style of your dining space and play an important role in creating an extraordinary dining experience for you and your guests. Also, most people do not find it a good option to use the washbasin in the bathroom right before meals for hygiene and accessibility reasons.

While planning a washbasin for your dining room, factors like the space available, water connection & fittings, and the architecture of your dining space, all need to be considered. The type of washbasin installed should fit right into the theme and décor of your space, making it look bright and gleaming. The washbasin should neither be far away nor should be placed right next to the dining table.

In case of limited space, a small-sized washbasin can be placed in one corner of the room. However, larger spaces can accommodate a stylish washbasin with a mirror and cabinets to equip hand towels and other utilities. The height of the sink should be such that it is easily accessible to both adults and kids.

Tabletop washbasins are considered to be the preferred choice as they are aesthetically appealing and offer enough space. These basins come in different shapes like round, oval, square, etc., and can be made of different materials as ceramic, marble, glass, or stone. One should choose the tabletop wash basin keeping in mind the colour theme and the tiles used in the dining room.

An undermount basin can also be installed, which is integrated into the top of the counter for a continuous surface effect. These washbasins are easier to clean as the absence of a mounting rim makes it easy to wipe water and debris from the countertop straight into the basin.

Wall-mounted basins are also an effective option when the space available is compact. However, they should be used with a pedestal or cabinets underneath to hide the water pipes that can disturb your dining space’s aesthetics.

Modern washbasins with a sleek design and minimalistic look can create a wow factor in your dining room and get the peers talking. Explore the wide range of functional washbasins from CERA and transform your dining space today.