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Modern Kitchen Tiles Design Ideas for Small Kitchens
  • Tiles
  • March 10, 2022

Modern Kitchen Tiles Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

Kitchen’s space may be a big concern, therefore tiling your kitchen space with contrasting colour combinations is a game-changer as it gives an illusion of enough space even in compact kitchens. Modern kitchen tiles designs are an obvious choice because they are aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Also, they would perfectly complement the cabinets, cupboards, and existing decor. All you need is a knack for choosing the best kitchen tiles designs, or if you find it challenging to pick the suitable ones, we're here to help.

Below, we have listed out a good range of kitchen tiles ideas available in various colours, motifs, and materials.

1) High Glass Polish Digitale Tiles:
Made up of ceramic material, these tiles come in striking designs that will give you a feeling of extra space and depth. They have a timeless, subtle look, elevating the kitchen's style and complementing cookware. Also, they are pretty popular among Indian households and in terms of functionalities, they are low maintenance, durable, water-resistant, and are easy to clean. They are available in the size of 300x600 mm.

2) Patterned Wall Tiles:
If you want to infuse a hint of colour and personality in your kitchen, nothing can beat patterned wall tiles. The stunning floral designs printed digitally along with an attractive glossy finish can make your kitchen walls look artistic and elegant at the same time. No maintenance is required for a long time, and you can clean the splatters & spills off these tiles in no time.

3) Lucido Floor Tiles:
Manufactured with state-of-the-art technology, the Lucido range of modular kitchen tiles designs reflect marble's sheen and vitrified tiles' qualities, making it both durable and versatile. The colour range is soothing and always in-trend to accentuate all kinds of accessories and furnishings.

4) 3D Tiles:
Want to add a pleasant and creative wow factor to your kitchen? 3D kitchen tiles design will be your one-stop solution and will show off your creative and quirky side to your guests. These 3D tiles are created using microlens technology, providing a realistic image of any design you like. You will feel that you can almost touch the actual design or graphic. They are low maintenance as they do not scratch easily and can withstand heavy loads.

Planning to refurbish the kitchen and create a clean & healthy environment for your loved ones? Check out CERA's wide range of modular kitchen tiles designs.