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Luxury Bathrooms: The Latest Trends in Bathtub Designs
  • Wellness
  • January 6, 2024

Luxury Bathrooms: The Latest Trends in Bathtub Designs

What’s the first thing you check when entering a hotel room? Is it the bed, is it the amenities, or is it the humble bathroom? A bathroom is one of the main aspects that triggers our decision-making. If it is a luxurious bathroom, then there is no second thought!

If we are so choosy about our needs and specifications of hotel bathrooms, why can’t we have the same luxury within our home bathrooms?

To get the same luxury in our homes, you must understand the trends regarding bathtub interior designs or washbasin designs. It’s hard to evoke a sense of luxury when your bathtub design hasn’t moved past the 70s.

Before we talk about the latest luxury bathroom with bathtub ideas – let’s just define what sets a luxury bathroom apart from a normal one. But first, let’s say what a luxury bathroom necessarily isn’t. Many people have the misconception that a luxury bathroom needs to be extremely spacious. But that’s not true – there are plenty of standard home bathrooms that are large, and there are a huge number of luxury bathrooms that are the same size as an average bathroom. What makes a bathroom into a luxury bathroom is the sense of how bathroom fittings are implemented.

For instance, you can check various bathtub decor ideas – every furnishing, like the bathtub tiles design, should harmoniously complement the space and each other. Your bathroom's features can also make it into a luxury bathroom. Quality of furnishing is the most important factor. Installing bathtub interiors from brands like Cera lets you turn any bathtub interior luxurious.


Bathtub Design Trends

Now, let’s dive into understanding the latest bathroom ideas, tub trends, and styles for bathtubs for luxury bathrooms.


Freestanding Bathtubs

One of the best bathroom bathtub ideas to keep in mind when building a new luxury bathroom or redesigning is the ongoing resurgence of freestanding bathtubs. Freestanding tubs were once popular before being eschewed – though the bathtub styles of the old were clunky, made of coloured ceramics and came with a heavy assortment of pipes and fittings.  

Thankfully, modern freestanding tubs have solved those issues. Today’s freestanding tubs are minimalistic statement pieces that can either stand in the middle of the bathroom or with their back to the wall. They are deeper and longer than other bathrooms and can save on space in more space-conscious settings. Cera’s bathtubs, like the IRENA (BACK TO WALL) bathtub, have features like click-clack waste coupling and P Trap. Freestanding bathtubs like Cera’s ESBELTA can function as the centrepiece of your small bathroom bathtub experience.


Bathtub Skylight

When you think of luxury bathrooms, you may think of open spaces with natural lighting and delightful interiors. Skylights and windows in the bathroom bring in some of that much-wanted natural sunlight. Having a skylight or window placed strategically to illuminate your bathtub is a surefire way to feel relaxed and cosy during your bathtime.


Sunken Bathtubs

Sunken place settings are something we associate with hot tubs, but in 2024, sunken bathtubs are the biggest washroom bathtub design trend. So, how do you get these in your luxury bathroom? The best way to accommodate a sunken bathtub in your bathroom is by creating a smaller elevated area with the use of stairs platforms and then placing a drop-in luxury bathtub like Cera’s ELAVIA. Just ensure that there’s plenty of space in your bathroom to accommodate the elevated platforms. Otherwise, you can also opt for special foundation constructions where you can place the bathtub – a unique bathroom design with a bathtub.



If you want to elevate your luxury bathroom experience, investing in a high-end bathtub from Cera is the best way to do this. By keeping up with trends on the latest shower and bathtub ideas for luxury bathrooms, you can also make your bathing experience something to be jealous of.

  Head to Cera’s website and check out the bathtubs that can be the centrepiece of your bathing experience.