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Innovations in Bathroom Fittings: What's New in the Market
  • Sanitaryware
  • December 7, 2023

Innovations in Bathroom Fittings: What's New in the Market

Bathrooms have evolved from mere functional spaces to design-centric areas that complement the style of our homes. The market for bathroom fittings is constantly growing and diversifying, bringing new technologies and aesthetics to consumers. One brand leading the charge with innovative solutions is CERA. Let's dive into some of the game-changing innovations that have been introduced in the world of bathroom fittings.

5D Flushing & Siphonic EWCs with Jets: A Comprehensive Cleaning Approach

Efficiency and thoroughness have been redefined in modern bathroom fittings. The siphonic EWCs, featuring powerful jets, champion a robust flushing mechanism that not only promises efficient waste disposal but also conserves water. Complementing this is the innovative 5D flushing system, a leap beyond conventional flushing methods. This multidimensional approach ensures that every corner of the toilet bowl is immaculately cleaned, marking a new era in comprehensive and eco-friendly bathroom solutions.

Thin-rim Table Top Wash Basins: Elegance Meets Functionality

In contemporary interior design, there's a delicate balance between form and function. This equilibrium is magnificently showcased in the thin-rim table top wash basins. These basins represent a harmonious blend of aesthetics and utility, proving that it's entirely possible for practical elements to exude sophistication. As the name suggests, the thin rim adds an air of minimalism. This minimalist approach is a nod to modern design trends and highlights the basin's overall form. It accentuates the shape, allowing the curvature and the material's texture to shine, thus becoming a subtle centrepiece of any bathroom it graces.


But these basins are not just about the looks. Their build ensures adequate depth, allowing for splash-free use. The streamlined design also ensures easy cleaning, with fewer nooks and crannies where dirt or residues might accumulate. This simplicity in design reduces maintenance efforts, making them a practical choice for both homes and commercial spaces.

Duroplast Seat Covers: Redefining Toilet Seat Aesthetics and Convenience

Bathrooms, often considered utilitarian spaces, transform with every tiny detail receiving a designer's touch. One such underrated yet impactful component is the humble toilet seat cover. Enter the Duroplast seat covers, a game-changer in design and functionality, breathing new life into bathroom aesthetics.


At the heart of Duroplast seat covers is the material itself: Duroplast. This robust, high-density thermosetting plastic is known for its remarkable strength and resilience. Unlike traditional seat covers that might wear out, warp, or discolour over time, Duroplast promises a consistent appearance and performance. Its resistance to scratches, impacts, and even chemicals ensures that the seat cover remains pristine even after years of use.


But Duroplast isn't solely about durability. The material lends itself beautifully to crafting sleek, modern designs. Its smooth finish and ability to be moulded into slim profiles allow for elegant seat covers. The result? A bathroom fixture that, once merely functional, now becomes a subtle statement piece, enhancing the overall ambience of the space.

Sensor Faucets: Touch-free Operation for Enhanced Safety and Conservation

In today's health-conscious world, touch-free solutions are sought more than ever. Sensor faucets ensure minimal contact, reducing germ transmission. Essentially, these faucets are water-efficient, turning off automatically when not in use, thereby conserving precious water.

CERA Innovations: Merging Innovation with Practicality for Modern Bathrooms

The world of bathroom fittings has seen a revolution in recent years. CERA is at the forefront of this evolution, from enhanced hygiene solutions to designs that merge aesthetic appeal with functionality. Whether you're renovating your space or constructing a new one, embracing these innovations can elevate your bathroom experience.