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How to style your home with digital tiles
  • Tiles
  • February 10, 2021

How to style your home with digital tiles

Every wall & floor space of your home is like a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a masterpiece. The right tiles act as fine pieces of art adorning your abode and turning it into a haven of peace and comfort. These designer tiles can add a whole new dimension to your living spaces.

Besides giving an aesthetic look, digital tiles also add value to your homes and make it easy to maintain them. The design is incorporated in the top glaze layer of digital vitrified tiles. These tiles will create an extraordinary appeal and can dramatically change the look of your home. Here are a few reasons that make digital tiles the ideal choice for your spaces.

An array of options: There are virtually infinite alternatives available when it comes to digital tiles. Based on the theme and interiors of your home, there is a wide variety of colours, prints, and textures to choose from. One can go for bold coloured patterns or subtle artistic designs for a stylish look and timeless feel.

Multifunctionality:With numerous custom designs in place, digital tiles can be used in furnishing home interiors as well as commercial buildings, malls, etc. These are available in polished and unpolished forms. Polished vitrified tiles being more glossy, is suitable for indoors; however, unpolished digital vitrified tiles are ideal for outdoor spaces as they are strong and can withstand heavy footfall.

Easy maintenance:Digital tiles have a smooth surface and are easy to clean using a mop or a damp cloth. They are resistant to stain and scratches and are long-lasting and fire-proof. Digital vitrified tiles are also fade resistant so that your walls & floors continue to look as lively and beautiful as new.

Consistency:Since digital wall & floor tiles are manufactured using digital printing technology, the design throughout the entire set of tiles will be identical to create a consistent look for your walls.

Finishes:Digital tiles come in various finishes from glossy, matt, sugar, rustic, high gloss to HD polish, and so on. These can be used for different areas like the bathroom, bedroom, patio, etc.

Digital tiles are competent enough to turn your walls into dreamy backdrops and floors into elegant spaces that you will fall in love with. Explore the entire range of digital tiles offered by CERA and let your home do the talking!