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How to go about selecting the right Elevation tiles for your space
  • Tiles
  • May 22, 2021

How to go about selecting the right Elevation tiles for your space

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! This rightly fits when you’re planning to design your home exterior. Those days are long gone, when people used to plan only their interior setting & paid little attention to outdoor design. You might have an exquisite interior, but the first thing everybody notices is the exterior, because it’s literally the face of your house!

This is where elevation tiles play an important role. Outdoor wall tiles design adds charm to the space and creates a flawless journey of aesthetics from outdoor to the interior space of your home. Ranging from color shades, material quality to stunning designs there are so many things that you need to consider while selecting the right wall tiles for outdoors.

Don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered here!

Keep in mind the surrounding locations: Outside areas are prone to damage, moisture, cold, heat, etc. If you don’t select your exterior wall tiles wisely, you might end up with a lot of maintenance later. Choose an outdoor wall tile quality which is suitable as per the climate, location and temperature like: frost-proof, waterproof, colourfast, resistant to heat, scratch, light, chemical & more.

Select the finishes & type of wall tiles you want to go for: Based on the ambience you’d like to create, select the finishes & designs of wall tiles accordingly. There are multiple options available like large format, elevation, gloss, matt, wood, ceramic, rustic & more. See what goes with the exterior & make a choice!

Choose the right colors to match the ambience: Once you’ve decided on the type & quality of the wall tiles, you need to now select the color! Colors play a huge role in defining the vibe & aura of any space. From mid-century modern, contemporary to cottage style with green charming walkways, there are ample designer wall tiles options to complement every exterior design.

Go for a Trusted Brand: With many suppliers available, always go for a trusted brand name so those designer wall tiles go a long way! Since it’s not possible to check each & every tile at the time of delivery, this way you won’t end up getting substandard quality.

Outdoor wall tiles price usually depends on the quality & the brand you choose. As it’s usually a one-time investment, make sure you make the right choice. Create your own tailored outdoor facade and leave a long-lasting impression!