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How to decorate your home with the right ceramic wall tiles
  • Tiles
  • March 10, 2022

How to decorate your home with the right ceramic wall tiles

Living in a room with four solid painted walls is like going back into the 19th century. Ceramic wall tiles are the swank new trend that will exude absolute radiance into your modern home. Nowadays, one of the most aesthetic ways to add personality and style to walls in any room in modern homes is by playing with different textures, patterns, and designs. Hence, the walls are the perfect canvas to make a statement that can alleviate the entire living space and reflect your unique energy and taste.

If you are overwhelmed with the plethora of options that have flooded in the market, we recommend some classic; yet trendy ceramic wall tiles options that render an everlasting aesthetic value to your modern home.

1)    Stone Tile Walls – Striking yet rustic

Catch your guests’ eyes by creating the bold accent wall or add trim to create a frame shape that’s a contemporary alternative to hanging paintings with a stone-textured surface. These gorgeous sand-colored ceramic wall tiles add character to the spaces and pair beautifully with wood tile flooring and wooden furniture.

2)   Bold looking Ceramic Wall Tiles exude warmth

The dazzling arrangement of textural ceramic wall tiles in different shades of sand, ash, monochrome, and charcoal add color and variety to this beautifully warm and inviting living space. You may check the ceramic wall tiles' price and make your choice to bring a noticeable accent to your walls.

3)   3D can be fun when designed well

Nowadays, the simple white tiles can be arranged to give a 3D effect, creating a playful landscape on the wall and can break the monotony of the minimalist family room. You can cleverly incorporate a storage unit in a contrasting color on the wall. It’s stylish and modern.

4)  The combination of Marble and Wood is a match made in heaven

If your home is blessed with high ceilings, you can go for the uber-chic look for your modern living room or drawing-room. Eye-soothing white marble ceramic tiles design accentuated with lights interspersed with a vertical panel of wood tiles would make you feel like living in a paradise. The effect is simply stunning.

There are limitless possibilities with ceramic wall tiles, helping you achieve your desired vision for your home décor. You may buy ceramic wall tiles from the CERA Tiles Gallery or nearby dealers, for rooms that use trendy colors, unique textures, and dazzling design patterns to create stunning accents; and add a characteristic statement.