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Four reasons to choose a rain shower for your bath spaces
  • Faucets
  • March 10, 2022

Four reasons to choose a rain shower for your bath spaces

Who doesn’t love the feel of rain! Monsoons have an incredibly calming effect and breathe a new life to all that it touches. With technological advances and product innovations, the charm of monsoons can now be experienced from the comfort of your bath spaces. The overhead rain showers are a splash above the rest. There is nothing more refreshing than the gentle droplets of water falling from above and rejuvenating your dormant mind and tired soul. They are the perfect option to start your day afresh or to de-stress your body and relax your tout muscles after a long hectic day.

Designed to make a statement in your bathroom, rain showers come in a variety of shapes and patterns adorning your bath spaces. These showers let your bathroom turn into a spa where you can relish your ‘me’ time. They are a blessing for the pluviophiles, deluging them with the sense of peace and tranquillity that they find walking in the rain. Here are a few reasons that make rain showers the ultimate choice for your bath spaces:

Aesthetics: Rain shower systems come in elegant designs to transform your bath spaces and take your daily cleansing ritual to a whole new level. They carve a spa-like aesthetic for your bath spaces where you can savour a relaxing retreat. Intricate and innovative, these showers are crafted for a dramatic contrast to your contemporary bathrooms.

Experience: Designed to offer the rainfall effect, these awe-inducing rain showers replicate the soothing vibe of vibrant monsoons exuding opulence and grandeur. As powdery raindrops cascade over your body, you will find your soul rejuvenating.

Functionality: With multiple spray settings, overhead rain showers can offer varied experiences, from a relaxing natural rainfall escapade to a concentrated spray bath for rinsing. These showers can give an invigorating massage with more coverage through the powerful therapeutic sprays that will take the edge off all the stress and fatigue.

Easy installation: Rain showers can be wall-mounted or installed on the ceiling as per the bath setup. Rain showers price might vary depending on the design and features as they are quite versatile. They are available in different shapes and size options. The size & shape of the shower chosen mainly depends on the shower area available where it has to be installed. However, the shape can also vary based on your taste and the theme of your bath space.

A stylish & sophisticated bathroom layout yearns for a stunning rain shower to ensure an elevated bath experience that is impressive and captivating. Choose among the exotic range of rain showers by CERA today.