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Flush cock

₹ 2,555

Cat. No: F2014751

Concealed stop cock - 15mm

₹ 1,315

Cat. No: F2014361

Concealed stop cock - 20mm

₹ 1,535

Cat. No: F2014362

Sink cock (wall mounted)

₹ 1,865

Cat. No: F2014261

Sink mixer (wall mounted)

₹ 3,775

Cat. No: F2014511

2 - Way angle cock

₹ 1,760

Cat. No: F2014211

Angle cock

₹ 970

Cat. No: F2014201

Bib cock

₹ 1,100

Cat. No: F2014153

2 - Way bib cock

₹ 1,665

Cat. No: F2014163

2 - Way bib cock

₹ 2,180

Cat. No: F2014161

Bib cock long nose

₹ 1,350

Cat. No: F2014152

Bib cock

₹ 1,090

Cat. No: F2014151

Wall mixer (3-in-1)

₹ 5,750

Cat. No: F2014403

Wall mixer

₹ 4,960

Cat. No: F2014401

Wall mixer

₹ 5,230

Cat. No: F2014404

Wall mixer

₹ 4,700

Cat. No: F2014405

Pillar cock

₹ 2,155

Cat. No: F2014104

Pillar cock high neck with aerator

₹ 1,495

Cat. No: F2014103

Pillar cock with aerator

₹ 1,090

Cat. No: F2014101

Central hole basin mixer

₹ 3,645

Cat. No: F2014461

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