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Wall mixer (3-in-1)

₹ 6,745

Cat. No: F2008403

Crayon basin mixer

₹ 4,180

Cat. No: F2008461

Crayon pillar cock

₹ 1,630

Cat. No: F2008101

Crayon flush cock

₹ 2,640

Cat. No: F2008751

Crayon high flow single lever diverter

₹ 6,305

Cat. No: F2008721

Crayon turn type single lever diverter

₹ 5,540

Cat. No: F2008703

Crayon single lever diverter

₹ 5,275

Cat. No: F2008701

Crayon single lever sink mixer

₹ 6,005

Cat. No: F2008571

Crayon sink mixer

₹ 4,790

Cat. No: F2008501

Crayon single lever wall mixer

₹ 6,525

Cat. No: F2008414

Crayon wall mixer

₹ 6,095

Cat. No: F2008404

Crayon wall mixer

₹ 6,185

Cat. No: F2008402

Crayon wall mixer

₹ 5,885

Cat. No: F2008401

Crayon stop cock

₹ 1,925

Cat. No: F2008351-20 mm

Crayon stop cock

₹ 1,895

Cat. No: F2008351-15 mm

Crayon sink cock

₹ 2,355

Cat. No: F2008251

Crayon 2-way angle cock

₹ 2,200

Cat. No: F2008211

Crayon angle cock

₹ 1,395

Cat. No: F2008201

Crayon 2-way bib cock

₹ 2,110

Cat. No: F2008163

Crayon 2-way bib cock

₹ 2,320

Cat. No: F2008161

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