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Countertop washbasins: Latest trends, designs, and features
  • Sanitaryware
  • May 22, 2021

Countertop washbasins: Latest trends, designs, and features

Designing a perfect bathroom is all about choosing the right accessories that seamlessly combine function with aesthetics. Bathrooms are typically used multiple times a day and therefore should be mapped out in a way to suit your style. From bathtubs to showers and washbasins, every product should be aligned to the theme of the bath spaces.

Designer washbasins are considered no less than presentable pieces of art in your restroom. There are certain factors to be considered while choosing a basin as space availability, functional aspect, and bathroom style. Countertop washbasins are popularly used to deck-up modern bathrooms as they are practical and create a great visual impact. These basins are either fitted into a counter have certain advantages over traditional basins:

  • Elegant, modern, distinctive & aesthetically pleasing
  • Available in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Prevents water sloshing on the floor as placed on a counter

Self-rimming basins are crafted using different materials like ceramic, stone, copper, resin, glass, and fireclay. However, ceramic washbasins are the preferred choice as they are stylish, durable, and require little maintenance. The seamless glossy finish significantly enhances the overall look of your bath spaces.

Versatility in terms of shape is another advantage of installing a countertop washbasin. From triangular to square, round and oval, the innovative shapes and architectural detailing create a timeless environment in your bathroom. Harmoniously designed rectangular washbasins are also right on trend.

A washbasin doesn’t always have to be white. Counter washbasins in vibrant shades can also be a great option to add a pinch of color to your bath spaces and give it a modern trendy look. Compliment the theme of your bathrooms with and style your ambience.

Contemporary bathrooms can also be styled with thin rim washbasins that are inspired by sleek lines and exhibit grandeur at their best. These washbasins are designed with great precision and offer superior functionality.

Countertop washbasins have become an integral part of modern abodes. They combine practicality with elegance and play a vital role in designing the bathroom of your dreams. Choose the perfect match for your bath spaces from the sophisticated range of countertop washbasins offered by CERA.