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Choosing the Right Toilet Set
  • Sanitaryware
  • May 23, 2021

Choosing the Right Toilet Set

What to Look for while Choosing the Right Toilet Set for your Bathroom!

An EWC or commode or privy is undeniably an integral part of our daily routine. This plumbing fixture is an underrated contraption that has to suit the needs of the user. Since an average person visits the toilet 2,500 times a year; it is critical to pick this fitting wisely.

If you are planning to overhaul your bathroom or build a new one, you must choose a toilet set that meets the criteria that make you happy seeing—and sitting on—every day. Here’s a guide to get you started on your selection process.

1. Rough-in Measurements: “Rough-in” refers to the distance from the wall behind the toilet set to your toilet’s bolt cap. This is probably the most significant thing that determines whether your toilet design confers to the construction guidelines and is a make or break when it comes to toilet installation.

2. Toilet Style: The criteria rest entirely on an individual’s taste and mobility requirements. For example, two-piece toilet sets offer a wide variety, while a one-piece toilet gives a contemporary look of a modern toilet setting. Tankless toilets appear minimalistic and ideal for an area with space constraints, and wall-mounted commodes are very helpful in the case of family members with limited mobility and smaller bathrooms.

3. Bowl Type: Elongated bowl offers better comfort and style but takes up a higher amount of space while a spherical round bowl can be a comprehensive solution for smaller bathrooms.

4. Flush Performance: The toilet’s flushing system is arguably the second-most important feature. It is vital to select a western toilet set with a powerful jet system and an efficient flushing power for your needs. A broader valve that spreads the water equally offers an optimal cleaning mechanism.

5. Water-Saving: This is a critical criterion for environmental preservation. Therefore, we mustn’t choose a toilet set that uses up a lot of water as it flushes. The toilet sets these days crafted with progressive hydraulic designs that consume less than fifty percent water compared to their older counterparts. This helps conserve water and save a fortune on water bills.

6. Accessibility: If you plan to stay in the place for good, you must think long term and choose a toilet set that allows for added comfort and more comfortable transfers from wheelchairs or walkers.

7. Added Comfort Features: The new-age toilet sets come with several features such as heated seats, foot warmer, self-deodorizer, automatic flush, a nightlight, or Bluetooth capabilities. As the world is moving towards smarter technologies, a toilet is hardly left behind.

CERA, a frontrunner in the sanitaryware markets, brings top-quality western toilet sets adapted to the newer market trends. Our range of EWCs range from environment-friendly, enforcing minimal use of water and energy, saving up to 33% water per flush to designs that empower the specially-abled.