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Choosing the best bathroom wash basin design
  • Sanitaryware
  • May 23, 2021

Choosing the best bathroom wash basin design

Whether you are purchasing wash basins for your new home or looking to remodel your old bathroom, the choices are never-ending. Bathrooms are one of the most relaxing spaces of your home, and they are truly incomplete without a functional & aesthetic wash basin that matches perfectly with the theme of your bath space.

Choosing the right wash basin design depends on its functionality, shape, price, and space where the basin needs to be installed. For large bathrooms, one can opt for double basins, whereas limited spaces and minimalist bathrooms will need smaller washbasins to avoid looking awkward and clumsy. One should be aware of the different wash basin categories based on design and installation, in order to find the right one.

Wall mount wash basins: These wash basins are mounted directly on the wall with the help of brackets and screws. These are generally small-sized lightweight basins that can be positioned as per your choice. There is free space beneath, which makes cleaning easy, and there is a scope of adding shelves too for storage.

Counter-top wash basins: These bathroom wash-basins offer a great way to elevate the look and feel of your bath spaces. They are of two types:

Over the counter: They are fitted over a counter and give your bathroom a very stylish and modern look. The height of the counter should be in such a way that the basin is easily accessible.

Under the counter: These wash basins are fitted in the counter so that there is no rim visible. They are easier to clean as the water spilled over the counter can directly be wiped into the sink. They work best with solid surface stone countertops.

Pedestal wash basins: These are traditionally small wash basins with pedestal that hides the drain pipe giving better bathroom aesthetics. They can come as a single block or are also as two separate units with detachable basin & pedestal. There are full pedestal basins that are supported by the floor and the wash basin is wall-mounted while the half pedestal basins are mounted on the wall along with the basin.

Semi-recessed wash basins: These modern wash basins are the preferred choice for bathrooms with limited space where one needs to have vanity cabinets to have storage space beneath the basin. They are also highly functional when it comes to reaching the tap without being obstructed by the countertop.

Table top wash basins: These are wash basins that can be installed over a table, a counter or any other surface. They are easy to install and also save space. Thin rim table top wash basins are new additions and that give a stylish work, besides possessing a better water holding capacity. They are also stronger and are designed to minimize water splashing.

Wash basins are an inherent part of any bath space to add comfort and enhance the bathroom’s aesthetics. The different wash basin designs, styles, and colors can glam up your bathrooms and make the whole place more lively & fun. Check out these cool wash basins to add a classy yet trendy look to your bathroom decor.