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Best Ideas for Living Room Floors That Make a Style Statement
  • Tiles
  • March 10, 2022

Best Ideas for Living Room Floors That Make a Style Statement

The living room is the lounge area of your house where majorly all the crucial family conversations happen, and simultaneously memories are created. Being a modern homeowner, you need to bring glare in your interior and highlight your personality to your guests. For this matter, different living room floor tiles can replicate almost any look & feel for you and accentuate other decor materials such as furniture, curtains, art, and carpets. The modern living room floor tile options are endless, from various marble and wood like patterns.

Below, we share jaw-dropping tiles design ideas for the living room to enliven the overall decor:

1)    Sophisticated and Neutral Ceramic Tiles

The ceramic floor tiles can now be shaped & printed to look like different types of impressionable flooring using modern printing techniques. You can use mosaics with offset triangles to give a soothing effect to your living room or use mosaic structures as hardwood planks. Also, these floor tiles design for the living room can handle even the highest traffic locations without showing much wear and tear.

2)    Modern and architectural Glazed Vitrified Tiles

Packed with elegance in every square mm, the glorious glazed vitrified tiles have pigment in their entire body to make chips and scratches less noticeable. Also, these tiles guarantee the lowest water absorption in their class, and you may play with the classic grid pattern by giving a more modern, architecturally inspired twist. Owing to all those factors, you can express your discerning taste in as many different ways. These tiles are artistically created to complement well with the overall décor of space.

3)    Royal & Elegant Polish Vitrified Tiles

Designs in the Polished Vitrified Tiles emanate a simple principle - to take the grandeur of your interiors to the next level. The gentle strokes and the minimalistic design patterns do so in a way that's understated yet impressionable. These modern living room floor tiles exude grandeur and charm unlike any other and come with a stain-free Nano Technology finish that seals off the micropores holes on the surface, resulting in a Stain-Free texture and long-lasting gloss.

If you're planning to beautify your living room or going for a complete overhaul, these living room floor tiles design ideas can come in handy and make you a superstar of the next in-house party. You can check numerous designs on Cera’s wesbite.