Every home owner strives to create the perfect ambience in his home but is also sensitive towards making changes in it. At CERA, we understand that renovations, no matter how small or large, require detailed planning and careful execution. Renovating a home has always been a very tedious process therefore, CERA Home Upgrade is a turnkey bath solutions for you home.

At CERA, we transform your spaces into the ones that reflect your style.


Upgrades bathroom in just 5 days No time limit Saves time
Provides 3D designs No design is provided Expert designers with knowledge of latest style & technology
Gives single estimate for entire work and there are no hidden costs Hidden costs are there Accurate budget
Work is executed under the supervision of experienced engineers Work is done by various contractors and masons Quality results
Strict safety norms for staff There is zero safety Minimum chances of accidents
Uses latest equipments,machines and tools Conventional methods are used Saves time, accuracy of work
One stop for selection of material Customers need to visit multiple stores for selection of material Saves time, money and effort
All supporting material comes from CERA and its branded partners Use local material to cut corners All materials and costs are predefined and pre-approved
Single vendor for entire work and hence work becomes well-coordinated No coordination between agencies results in delays and cost escalation Hassle-free and timely service
Warranty coverage No warranty coverage Complete responsibility for entire work
Minimum modification in cost with changes on-site or changes in selection of products Huge charges for modification or change in design or due to on-site conditions Advanced forecasted budget only
*Service is now available only in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh and Pune